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Human Resources

One of the specialist services offered by the TMC Virtual Office Management Team and arguably one of the most important for a business’s growth and sustainability. How can we make your life less complicated?


Human Resources Service Offerings


Employee Lifecycle Management (ELM) 

Managing one of the most valuable resources of your business, namely your employees! Mapping, creation and implementation of an integrated lifecycle program supporting and developing your employees, ensuring your employees feel valued, creating an atmosphere of loyalty, retaining top talent and allowing for business growth and success.  The seven areas/stages where the TMC Virtual Office Management can make your life less complicated in respect of ELM:


Employees are being more selective about where they work hence, it is absolutely necessary to create various outreach programs and channels to attract the right talent. Let us help with prospective employees understanding roles, risks and responsibilities, by creating detailed job descriptions along with ensuring your business is carrying the consistent message of its goals, visions and values.


Let us develop a clear path for your employee in respect of goals, training required to reach those goals as well as development of skills stretching the abilities of your employees. The TMC Team can help in the creation or sourcing of material as well as facilitation in respect of learning and development of core skills or soft skills.


Just because your employee has left your business, does not mean they are no longer able to contribute to the success of your business. Let the TMC team ensure that there are channels and programs in place allowing for past employees to engage positively, contributing to the reputation and success of your business.


Let us manage the entire process from application through to recruitment of your new employee. Screening, scheduling interviews, developing behaviour and competency-based interview questions, conducting of the interview process, ensuring prospective employees understand the role, risks and responsibilities, following up with prospective employees ensuring you only hire the top talent.


Let us assist with identifying employees for promotion, recognition, reward or intervention by evaluating performance and conducting reviews allowing for better retention of top talent.


Let us assist with ensuring a formal onboarding framework is created as well as applied consistently, your new employee’s data is captured and retained effectively and efficiently as well as provide your new employee with the tools and information necessary to perform their new role such as policies and procedures, mentorship programs, job description, KPI’s , as well as any training to align with your business’s culture. The TMC team will also conduct new employee surveys in this very early stage of the employee lifecycle, assisting with the prevention of any future problems arising down the employee lifecycle line as well as creating a more streamlined process beneficial to both employees and your business.



Ensure proper procedure is met during the exit phase of an employee be it due to an employee leaving because of finding a new job, retirement, retrenchment etc. Managing final pay, exit of business benefits, conducting exit interviews and evaluations.


Human Resources continued


Budgeting for all people costs to help manage your P&L.


Recommendation, implementation and opportunities to uplift culture and drive employee engagement


This specialist function allows for keeping on top of your employee numbers, allowing for forward planning as well as budgeting.


The health of your employee should be of high importance, avoiding sick days, medical boarding etc. Let us assist in arranging wellness days as well as set up health interventions contributing to the wellness of your employees as well as your business.


It is unfortunate that things do not always run according to plan. When dealing with human resources there is always the likelihood of grievances being raised and in some instances disciplinary action called for. What is it that we can assist you with:

  • Create a grievance and disciplinary procedure as well as formal grievance handling system and ensure that grievances are heard timeously, fairly and efficiently
  • Coordinate the administration and implementation of disciplinary action in accordance with disciplinary procedures and code of conduct
  • Attend to all administrative needs in respect of disciplinary procedures such as venue etc.
  • Ensure all persons are notified timeously regards grievances and disciplinary hearings
  • Formulate charges for disciplinary hearings
  • Chairing of disciplinary hearings
  • Minute taking of disciplinary hearings
  • Drafting findings of disciplinary hearings
  • Liaising with Labour Law attorneys in disputes

Assisting to ensure you have the right organisation structure to support your business, assisting with the adoption of a new design or strengthening your existing design by identifying areas for action.



With skilled experience in the Legal as well as HR fields, let the TMC team create policies and procedures complying with relevant laws taking into account current trends, business structure and any other factors impacting on your business.