Virtual office management

Making Life Less Complicated

Administration Service Offering


We offer fast, reliable and accurate word processing services performed by knowledgeable and skilled professionals; capable of handling complex projects and assignments such as typed legal documents, general transcription, business documents…you name it! Our aim is to make your life less complicated, free up resources at a reduced cost with swift turnaround times. Our skilled professionals treat any and every assignment as strictly confidential thus you can trust that anything in our care is in good hands. Word processing services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • File Management
  • Web-based word processing services
  • Data surveys, entry as well as maintenance
  • Mailing lists
  • Document conversion
  • Document creation
  • Database management
  • General typing services
  • Audio typing and transcription services
  • Copy typing services
  • Transcription services
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • CV Creation and updates
  • Academic writing services
  • Creation of Reports
  • Manuals
  • Proposals
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Proofreading

This may seem such a small task but it can add up to be a time drain, time that could be best spent focusing on your core functions. Let the TMC Virtual Office Management team:

  • Set up your meetings
  • Remind you of any appointments
  • Emailing reminders to those you will be meeting with
  • Providing directions to both you and those you will be meeting with
  • Forwarding of any information needed for the meeting or appointment
  • Diary management
  • Confirming the meeting the day before or the day of the meeting dependent on time.
  • Send a thank-you after the meeting or appointment
  • Advise on diary management systems that would best suit your needs

We understand that a business needs email to further their growth and maintain customer service, bringing in business but, not everyone understands email etiquette, the need for a quick, efficient and timeous response and oh, the clear inbox…knowing everything has been attended to. That email inbox can hinder productivity, time and resources better used elsewhere. That’s where we come in! We keep your email inbox under control! Some of the functions we perform in respect of email management:

  • Deletion of irrelevant mails
  • Creation of a filing system
  • Advising on email management software
  • Management of Spam
  • Unsubscribing to unwanted mails
  • Creation of canned email responses fitting in with your standard operating procedure, creating faster response times and productivity
  • Organising of daily tasks
  • Replying to mails as if from you
  • Replying to mails as if from your assistant/office manager
  • Flagging mails that require swift action if necessary
  • Creation and sending of marketing emails
  • Following up on mails
  • Following up on clients/customers
  • Calendar Management

You can either provide us with your login details or create a separate account for us if you prefer mail to be answered by your “office manager/personal assistant”. Everything that is shared with us remains strictly confidential. Your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us.

  • Want to make sure you don’t miss that important birthday, maybe you even like to send a birthday message to your client as a way to build long lasting relationships. Perhaps you just want us to remind you that you need a new laptop or have to attend to a specific mail on that day. That’s why we’re here, to make your life less complicated.

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Everyone needs a bit of time, time to reconnect with family, time to experience a new adventure, time to see the world or just some “me time” but, it is something that takes TIME to arrange and the know-how on where to get the best experiences for the area you are visiting as well as the best deals. We have been working closely with partners for years and have built trusting and beneficial relationships where we are able to offer those benefits to you, our clients and we believe in going the extra mile. What is it that we can do for you?

  • Finding of flights
  • Finding and securing of luxury, standard or purse-friendly accommodation
  • Mapping out best travel routes
  • Advising on best experiences in the area, be it a picnic in the Drakensberg, a gondola ride, culinary, perhaps even a hot air balloon experience.
  • Providing a documented travel budget so you know how much you will need for that break
  • Putting together a complete, customised travel package
  • Providing a packing list of all you will need for your getaway

We want your time away, time enjoying an experience, to be a memorable one…for all the right reasons.ost importance to us.

  • We provide intentional, professional, and skilled project management expertise from inception to completion and work with clients worldwide offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for any project, treating each project as unique. We pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service and giving measurable results.  How do we make your life less complicated? We offer:

    • Project planning
    • Management of time
    • Contract administration
    • Management of project scope and execution
    • Management of budget
    • Management of quality
    • Keeping all stakeholders informed on projects
    • A single point of contact
    • Project completion
    • Project systems and software
    • Assurance that project momentum stays on track

 See a service not specifically listed such as online purchasing, stock management, please contact us as we are only happy to help where possible.