Virtual office management

Making Life Less Complicated

Bookkeeping Services

Preparing and sending of invoices and quotations 

We work with all major invoicing system, SAGE, Freshbooks, Booqable, Xero, Zoho to name but a few but if you prefer to send out your own created invoice, we would be happy to do that as well, we can even create this for you. Something that seems such a quick action but where many businesses fall behind and possibly miss out on opportunities is where they do not get that quotation out asap, let the TMC Virtual Office Management team make your life less complicated! The first step to making sure you are paid on time and to help in getting that new business.

Payment of accounts 

Needing to settle accounts with suppliers, have a monthly payment that you just cannot let slip through the cracks but with the busy schedule this sometimes happens? Let us help in ensuring that payments are made speedily, that you are reminded when a payment is due and only STOP reminding you when that payment is made. We will make sure that not a thing is missed.

Follow up on debtors and unpaid invoices

You work hard and expect to be paid on time for the services and products you supply but, that’s not always the case and there may be instances where you are having to make endless phonecalls, send email reminders and then take action when ignored (yes, this does happen). We at TMC Virtual Office Management want to see your business thrive and sadly, in order to do that, you do need to have an income coming in and when you have late payers, this can really hinder and frustrate you’re your business growth. How do we ensure that payments are made:

  • We make the phone calls on your behalf
  • Email correspondence follows recording and confirming all discussed including a statement
  • We note the agreed payment date and follow up if not met
  • Should the invoice become overdue, one of our legal team will then take over and advise to either action in the Small Claims court if within jurisdiction or action in terms of the Magistrate Courts Act guiding you through the process

Month end reports 

You need to know what finances are coming and going into your account but keeping track of this and recording this can be time consuming. We create detailed reports and depending on your needs, can give you a brief overview on reports or send through a detailed report showing all transactions and accompanying information. Report on profit, losses as well as areas that could do with improvement and consideration.